Exchange for Change (2004-Present)

White Horse Road
Exchange For Change Delegates Booklet 2012 (1)

Half Moon’s artform development and producing platform is delivered under the overarching programme Exchange for Change. The aim is to support artists developing new, diverse and challenging work for young audiences in a variety of ways and to encourage debate within the young people’s and wider theatre sectors. Half Moon presented a series of work share festivals and events as part of Exchange for Change in 2004 and annually from 2009 to the present. The programme continues through collaborations and scratch performances that provoke conversation and make a significant contribution to the arts ecology through radical artform development and script development. This work can also be explored by looking at our main website

Festival Brochure, 2004 (Under 8s) and Festival Day Photos


Festival Brochure, 2009 (Early Years) and Festival Day Photos

Festival Brochure, 2010 (Teenagers) and Festival Day Photos

Festival Brochure, 2011 (8-12s) and Festival Day Photos

Festival Brochure, 2012 (Higher Education) and Festival Day Photos

Videos of Exchange for Change 2009-2011

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Album rehearsal photo (9)

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Crossing, The. Production photo (12)

The Crossing (2011)

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Caught In The Middle (2011)

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Look to the Sky (2010)

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Frag-mENTAL production photo (8)

Frag-mENTAL (2010)

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Moon And Genie production photos (1)

Moon And Genie (2009)

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Rip, Fold, Scrunch production photo (3)

Rip, Fold, Scrunch (2009)

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The Magical Adventures of Spud and Plum production photo (5)

The Magical Adventure of Spud and Plum (2009)

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stages of half moon - square

Rukia's World (2004)

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The Nightingale - Photo by Patrick Baldwin (2)

The Nightingale (2004)

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Spirallina's Tail - Photo by Patrick Baldwin (2)

Spirallina's Tail (2004)

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The Totz (2004)

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Little Fish, Big Storm - Photo by Patrick Baldwin (2)

Little Fish, Big Storm (2004)

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Ten Suitcases - Photo by Patrick Baldwin (1)

Ten Suitcases (2004)

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The Fish's Wishes - Photo by Patrick Baldwin (1)

The Fish's Wishes (2004)

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