Dramatic Maths (2010-Present)

White Horse Road
Age range: 7-10
Hansel and Gretel and Number Sequences - St Paul's Whitechapel Primary, Spring 2014

Dramatic Maths is a curriculum project that has been running at Half Moon since 2010. The programme aims to engage primary children in Years 3, 4 and 5 with maths through drama, storytelling and problem-solving. The project works across a term to offer children the opportunity to practically explore maths in real-life contexts and feel inquisitive about approaching different maths concepts. There is also a session at the end of the project where the children share their maths skills with their parents and carers in a sharing performance. The first version of Dramatic Maths, in 2010, used the Olympics as a stimulus where the children were detectives who had to solve a mystery using their maths skills. We redesigned the project in Spring 2012 and now use fairytales as a stimulus, as the children become detectives tasked with solving mathematical dilemmas to help the story develop and the fairytale characters succeed. As part of the project, we also deliver CPD sessions for teachers on using drama more broadly in numeracy lessons in school. You can find more information about the programme, which we are currently delivering, on the Half Moon website.

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