Disability Summer Schools (1998-2012)

White Horse Road
Age range: 12+
Photo by Patrick Baldwin (8)

The Disability Summer School was set up as part of the company’s ongoing commitment to working with young people with special needs and disabilities. The summer school aimed to stimulate and support young people with disabilities through the mediums of drama, music and movement. The programme offered participants an outlet for self-expression and aimed to improve the quality of their lives by enabling them to be a part of a creative team and to be challenged and supported in a creative environment.

Somebody (1999) and Human Garden (2000) were two memorable  Disability Summer Schools that were run by Liselle Terret who approached the workshops using a variety of arts forms and mediums.

From 2000-2012, Half Moon worked in partnership with Tower Hamlets Summer University (Futureversity) on the Disability Summer Schools using the play-in-a-week model. This works alongside Half Moon’s termly Solar Youth Theatre, a specialist group for teenagers with disabilities.

You can find more information about the programme, which we are currently delivering, on the Half Moon website.

Human Garden (2000) - Project photos

Creative Team


Somebody (1999) - Project Photos

Disability Summer School 2005

Project Photos from 2006

Project Photos from 2007

Project Photos from 2008