Dancing in the Shadows (1991)

Mile End Road
25 Jun - 27 Jun 1991

A new musical theatre performance combining the talents of seven Half Moon YPT Youth Theatre groups with the experience of their families and our shared local history. This epic show followed Eunice’s arrival in London in the swinging Fifties and followed her musical journey through the fashionable and seedier sides of Tower Hamlets.

This show was part of The East End Festival 1991.


Production photos

Cast List

  • Monica Forty Shadow
  • Tony Gouveia Shadow
  • Polly Jones Shadow
  • Marie McMahon Amos and Nellie
  • Bola Adsina Irma Claudia Jones

Creative Team

  • Deborah Bestwick Director
  • Monica Forty Voice Coach
  • Paul Gavin Production Manager
  • Lin Coghlan Script Consultant
  • Barcy Cogdale Props

Programme and Songs

The East End Festival Brochure 1991

Dancing in the Shadows - Act Two - Script

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