Can You Keep A Secret? (1999)

White Horse Road
1 Jun - 15 Jun 1999
Photo by Patrick Baldwin (8)

Kate and Alyesha were waiting for their boyfriends Sean and Derek. What was happening only a few hundred yards away would change their lives forever. Sean, egged on by his mates, fought a young black boy Derek. At first it seemed an even fight, but when Derek goaded him, Sean released a series of blows that left Derek dead. All swore their allegiance to silence. Only WeirdBoy a loner who can read the mind of others, watched them all, waiting to release the fear that would continue to haunt them. Derek’s friends decided they would have to take matters into their own hands, the police would do nothing for them. Kate, haunted by Derek’s ghost, knew the truth must come out, for his sake, for his family and friends, for Alyesha who visited his grave every day. Sean didn’t want her to tell it, nor it seemed did the police. The fight was only just beginning.

Can you keep a Secret? was part of the National Theatre’s BT Connections project. The production was chosen from hundreds to be performed on the Cottesloe stage.

Production photos

Cast List

  • Anna Whitwham Kate
  • Yasemin Rashit Alyesha
  • Clare Sanders Candy
  • James Wakefield Sean
  • Steven Burrell Derek

Creative Team

  • Vishni Velada-Billson Director
  • Scot Sellers Designer
  • Dekmozene Morris-Ley Assistant Director
  • Scot Sellers Assistant Director
  • Amma Nkrumah Stage Manager




Programme and Marketing

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Script extract