The Witch of Wapping (1980)

Mile End Road
1 May - 31 Oct 1980
Age range: 14-15
Production photo (8) Production photo (8)
  • by Stephen Wymark

The Witch of Wapping was a part of the theatre in education programme Outsiders. The play was set in the East End of London in the mid seventeenth century, and is based on the story of Joan Peterson, outcast and condemned as The Witch of Wapping in 1652. Although the plot was set in the past, the roots of the dilemma were unchanged in the 1980s, and these were explored and underlined in more detail in an accompanying workshop and the material in the pack that were part of the Outsiders education programme.

You can access the script of this play via the British Library’s MPS Modern Playscripts Collection.

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Peter Bensted was an actor who worked at Half Moon Theatre from 1976-1981. He talks about the interactive performance piece, The Witch of Wapping. Interviewed by Beccy Allen.

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