Wimp! (1996)

White Horse Road
9 May - 19 Jul 1996
Age range: 8-14
Wimp! Poster Image Wimp! Poster Image

School is out! 4,233,600 seconds or 7 weeks of freedom. However, all is not well for Palle who, after being bullied, is facing the challenge of a well publicised fight on his return to school. The only thing to do is leave and set up somewhere else. However, being 9 and having a mum who has just made dinner soon stops that.
The final idea – and the one Palle most dreads – is that he is going to have a fight. But first he is going to have to learn to fight. The big problem here is that the only person who can teach him is Henriette and she is a girl!
Palle, Henriette and their friend Roland embark on a whirlwind tour of discovery. Will Palle fight or will he find another way to face up to the bully?
Wimp! was a story of bullying and violence but more importantly of friendship and trust.

Originally performed in Danish under the title ‘Tøsedrengen’, this English premiere toured to schools.

You can access the script of this play via the British Library’s MPS Modern Playscripts Collection.

Production photos

Cast List

  • Sarah Cakebread Henriette
  • Andrew Lewis Roland/Rørholdt
  • Gary Pillai Palle

Creative Team

  • David Belshaw Director
  • Lucy Griffiths Designer
  • Lin Coghlan Dramaturg
  • Nichola Massey Company Stage Manager
  • Jack Murphy Movement


David Belshaw was Theatre Team Director at Half Moon Young Poeple’s Theatre in the 1990s. He talks about Wimp!, a play for young audiences, and how the school audiences were sometimes more interested in the branded trainers in the production than watching the play. Interviewed by Rio Puffett.


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