We Can’t Pay? We Won’t Pay! (1978)

Alie Street
5 Jun - 17 Jun 1978
Can't Pay Won't Pay? We Won't Pay! Can't Pay Won't Pay? We Won't Pay!

Inflation had reached an all-time high. Frustration broke the tension as Margherita led a revolt at the local supermarket, and looting gutted the building. Margherita, and her friend Antonia, tried desperately to hide their ‘liberated’ goods before their husbands and the police caught up with them. We Can’t Pay? We Won’t Pay! was a wild farce that would not only show you how to survive on a diet of dog food and bird seed but would also ensure a good night out.

We Can’t Pay? We Won’t Pay! was the UK’s first ever production of a Dario Fo play and transferred to the West End’s Criterion Theatre.


Cast List

Creative Team

  • Rob Walker Director
  • Lolly Hahn Designer
  • Mary Lawson Designer

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