W.C.P.C. (1982)

Mile End Road
27 Apr - 26 Jun 1982
W.C.P.C poster W.C.P.C poster
  • by Nigel Williams
  • Co-production Barry Hanson of Hanstoll Enterprises

A play by Nigel Williams about bent coppers and sexual hypocrisy.

“What I’m after is a mixture of laughter and thought. The play is about a policeman who sees himself as a man with a mission to clean up corruption. But in presenting this we are forced to ask questions about puritanism… And because sexuality is common to us all, I don’t actually think it is any degree offensive. Yet the whole mainstay of the play does question double standards so far as sexual morality is concerned… What W.C.P.C. does require on the part of its audience is an act of surrender, to give it a proper chance of saying different things.”
Nigel Williams, quoted in Liverpool Echo, 17 February 1986

After a successful two month run, film producer Barry Hanson unsuccessfully tried to transfer W.C.P.C. to the West End.

And finally, the man sitting on the toilet in the poster is Graham Cowley, the theatre’s general manager.

You can access the script of this play via the British Library’s MPS Modern Playscripts Collection.

Production photos

Cast List

  • Leonard Fenton Chief Superintede Feaver
  • Phil Smeeton P.C Simon
  • Bill Stewart Sergeant Harris
  • Derek Thompon P.C Jamieson
  • James Winston Man

Creative Team

  • Pam Brighton Director
  • Will Harde Assistant Director
  • Rick Lloyd Musical Director
  • David Fielding Designer
  • Pauline Lewis Choreographer

Programme and Marketing