Volpone (1987)

Mile End Road
15 Apr - 9 May 1987
Volpone flyer (1) Volpone flyer (1)

This adaptation shortened and simplified the original, and combined a pacey plot and rich humour with a hysterical portrait of our acquisitive society.

Volpone and Mosca were two double-dealing and despicable rogues set out to fleece the notables of Venice. As Volpone appeared on his death bed, there was a queue at his door of those keen to ingratiate themselves and inherit his wealth. Mosca piled high the rich gifts, and bribery, lust and corruption that followed.

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Cast List

  • Ken Morley Volpone
  • John Matshikiza Mosca
  • David Blake Kelly Corbaccio
  • Joolio Cappleman Lady Politic Would-Be
  • Judy Holt Celia

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