Tuna Girl (2000)

White Horse Road
14 Oct - 2 Dec 2000
Age range: 3-7
Tuna Girl Flyer (Front) Tuna Girl Flyer (Front)
  • by Orlaine McDonald
  • by Will Davies

Marlene has had to move to the seaside with her Dad. She really misses the city and her friends and the life she left behind. But Marlene’s problems are only just beginning…..

Marlene loves eating tuna fish and much to Dad’s frustration will eat nothing else. When her precious doll is washed out to sea, she decides that she must rescue the doll, and so embarks on a magical sea adventure.

A fishy tale with fishy consequences! Tuna Girl explored the fears and feelings of a young child who has moved home and is displaced, and how change can at first seem just too difficult to manage, but in the end, with the help of others – including your Dad – things can work out OK.

The production toured nationally to venues and schools.

You can access the script of this play via the British Library’s MPS Modern Playscripts Collection. This play is also listed on the National Theatre’s Black Plays Archive.

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Music from Tuna Girl

Music from Tuna Girl