The Hammers (1974)

Alie Street
8 Oct - 16 Nov 1974
The Hammers A Musical Poster The Hammers A Musical Poster

A musical about West Ham United Football Club, The Hammers, from the perspective of the players and the local community.

The original play was written by Alan Plater to celebrate Hull City (The Tigers are Coming – OK?). Willy Russell’s first play at the Liverpool Everyman, directed by Pam Brighton, was a rewrite, moving the action to trace Liverpool Football Club’s rise through 20 unbeaten weeks in 1949 to the 1964 FA Cup Win at Wembley. His play was called When the Reds and the cast included Bernard Hill and Anthony Sher. Billy Colvill then adapted it to depict West Ham United and the lives of East Enders.

Poster designs by Martin J Walker and printing by Walker and Brittain, Red Dragon Print collective.

Poster Designs by Martin J Walker

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