Short Circuit Blows A Fuse (1982)

Mile End Road
26 Jul - 28 Aug 1982
Age range: 8-14
Short Circuit Blows A Fuse Flyer Image Short Circuit Blows A Fuse Flyer Image

“Calling all agents…everything is ready, you know what to do…surprise is our best weapon…no one will escape…make sure no one finds out…you know how to deal with them if they do…the operation will begin in 60 minutes.”

This secret message is overheard by Short Circuit the C.B. freak. What is this mysterious threat? Is it too late? Can Shortie save the world in time?

Short Circuit Blows a Fuse was a high voltage sci-fi show for 8-14 year olds with music, songs and lots of laughs. Short Circuit overhears a secret message and discovers an evil plot to take over the world! Shortie then found that he alone had the power to save the world and find who was behind it all.

The show was performed in indoor and outdoor spaces, including playschemes and parks. It was devised and written by the actors with Rob Walker directing.


Creative Team

  • Rob Walker Director (Clarence Carbuncle and the Kingdom of Sherbetter)


Ruth Sheen was an actor who performed at Half Moon Theatre on Mile End Road in the early 1980s and then joined the young people’s theatre company. She talks about Short Circuit Blows A Fuse, a fun show for all the family which was performed in parks. Interviewed by Khalilah Lubega.