Scrap! (1985)

Mile End Road
26 Feb - 30 Mar 1985
Scrap! Poster Scrap! Poster
  • by Bill Morrison

An Irishman, an Englishman and and Ulsterman meet on neutral soil to sort out their troubles. The result? Scrap!

When the British Secret Service brings Catholic and Protestant chiefs together in Liverpool, the consequences are explosive, the complications are murderous, the conversation nothing short of hilarious.

Scrap! told a moving story about Belfast. And rolled in the jokes like hand grenades.

Production photos

Cast List

  • Carl Chase Lennon
  • Ron Donachie Mulligan
  • David Edge Arnold McBride
  • David Fielder Denny
  • Emer Gillespie Kate

Creative Team

Chris Bond was Artistic Director of Half Moon Theatre on the Mile End Road from 1985-88. He talks about Scrap, a political farce set in Northern Ireland. Interviewed by Rosie Vincent.

Programme and Marketing