Popeye (1982)

Mile End Road
15 Nov - 23 Dec 1982
Age range: 7-11
Popeye Flyer (Front) Popeye Flyer (Front)

The Christmas Extravaganza for 1982 was based on the adventures of that well-loved cartoon hero Popeye, the sailor man, his willowy girlfriend Olive Oyl, his rival Brutus and his arch enemy Sea Hag. Adventure, songs and spinach abound as Popeye careers through an action-packed story.

You can access the script of this play via the British Library’s MPS Modern Playscripts Collection.


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Ruth Sheen was an actor who performed at Half Moon Theatre on Mile End Road in the early 1980s and then joined the young people’s theatre company. She talks about converting children into hamburgers during the production, Popeye. Interviewed by Khalilah Lubega.

Memories from Mark Salkild