Once Upon a Snowflake (2014-2015)

White Horse Road
5 Sep 2014 - 29 Nov 2015
Age range: 3+
  • Half Moon Presents a Paper Balloon production

A magical world of shadow puppetry, storytelling and enchanting songs for everyone.

Liza has gone missing, and no one knows where she can be. One thing’s for certain: those mysterious Winter Sprites have something to do with it. Appearing every winter, these tiny elf-like creatures can be found hiding in pockets, shoes and sock drawers, watching everything and hearing everyone.

But how are they connected with Liza’s disappearance? Will they help to find her? And what is inside the mysterious Winter Sprite’s strange white suitcase?

Follow Liza into a colourful whirlwind of stories and adventure, led by a tiny Sprite with a fascination for snowflakes and where things may never be the same again.

With a captivating blend of shadow puppetry, storytelling and enchanting original songs, Paper Balloon presented this funny, quirky and enchanting show to family audiences and toured nationally and internationally as part of Half Moon Presents.

Production Shots

Cast List

  • Alex Kanefsky
  • Katie Boon (2014)
  • Darren Clark
  • Dorie Kinnear (2015)

Creative Team

  • Maria Litvinova Director
  • Darren Clark Composer & Musical Director
  • Nomi Everall Designer
  • Chris Elwell Creative Consultant
  • Karl Sullivan Movement

Rehearsals / Development Phase


Marketing Video