Off the Grid (2018)

White Horse Road
7 Nov - 1 Dec 2018
Age range: 13+
Off the Grid Off the Grid

“I trade in my teenage years for you
To protect you
Create what I never had
So you’ll see how beautiful the world can be”

Connor and Kelly are brother and sister. They share the same birthday, but ten years apart. Since the disappearance of their parents, when Kelly was three, they have been dependent on each other for survival. Connor is everything to Kelly: dad, brother, mum, friend – and storyteller. They’ve learned how important it is to believe in something fantastic when you’re living off the grid.

But what happens when you discover you’ve made the wrong decision? Forced to back down, do you sacrifice your beliefs in order to stay together?

Developed in partnership with young people, Off the Grid was an immersive new play by David Lane that navigated a shocking and heart breaking human story through the underbelly of a hidden society. Audiences followed Connor and Kelly over ten years and discovered if their own tale was as hopeful as the fiction they had clung on to for their very existence.

Off the Grid was  nominated for an OFFIE Award (The Off West End Theatre Awards) for Best Production For Young People Age 13+

Funded by The Royal Victoria Hall Foundation.

You can access the script of this play via the British Library’s MPS Modern Playscripts Collection.

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Cast List

  • Jesse Bateson Kelly, Layla and Flora
  • Bradley Connor Connor and Nick
  • William Harrison-Wallace Raymond voiceover

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