The Machine Wreckers (1978)

Alie Street
27 Nov - 23 Dec 1978
The Machine Wreckers Programme 1 The Machine Wreckers Programme 1
  • by Ernst Toller
  • Translator Peter Tegel

“Factories may no longer be the masters and men the means. Let the factories be servants of decent living; And let the soul of man conquer factories.”

The Machine Wreckers was Toller’s third play and was first produced by Max Reinhardt in 1922 during the politically volatile days of the Weimar republic. It received its first professional stage production in Britain in 1923 in a production which included Raymond Massey in the cast. It was staged in Russia, Poland, France and the United States and became a favourite piece for the British Workers Theatre Movement.

The play dealt with automation and the introduction of new industrial machinery with the redundancy of men and women and with child labour. It was set in 1815 during the Luddite rebellion in Nottingham. It spoke the passionate rhetoric of left-wing propaganda of the 1930s, and was still a potent image for our industrial society of the time.

The Machine Wreckers was presented in conjunction with the Goethe-Institut as part of their Seventies Meet the Twenties Festival.


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