Lullaby Lane (2016)

White Horse Road
22 Jan - 28 May 2016
Age range: 3-7
  • by Fran Wyburn

Katie returns to her childhood home on Lullaby Lane in search of forgotten friends, much-loved toys and the special gift of music-making her Dad gave her.

As Katie’s childhood memories come to life, we meet her neighbours who lived behind the brightly coloured doors on her street. There’s Sami and her tasty cakes, gardener Jasmine with her delicious fruit and the madcap, magical inventor, Isaac.

Pulsating with the energy of a music festival, this charming show used song to explore friendship, community and dancing feet!

Singer-songwriter Fran Wyburn performed an irresistible, melodic score overflowing with delightful songs. Lullaby Lane provided a great introduction for children to experience an array of string instruments, including banjo, harp, ukulele and guitar.

A unique theatrical experience, mixing the vibe of a music gig with the intimacy and magic of theatre.

Lullaby Lane was supported by the Royal Victoria Hall Foundation and toured nationally.

You can access the script of this play via the British Library’s MPS Modern Playscripts Collection.


Production photos

Cast List

  • Fran Wyburn Katie
  • George Birkett George/Dad

Creative Team

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Memories of Half Moon Theatre

Rehearsals and development phase



Dancing Feet

Short teaser video for Lullaby Lane, which originally appeared on the Vine entertainment network.


Lullaby Lane Tracks