Love on the Plastic (1987)

Mile End Road
22 Jun - 25 Jul 1987
Love on the Plastic Programme (1) Love on the Plastic Programme (1)
  • by Julia Schofield

“We should rename thus club – ‘The Myth of the Everlasting Bonk’. Perhaps they’re right to pay for it; apart for greed, lust seems the only real emotion left in the 20th Century.”

Julia Schoefield’s play was set in a Mayfair Hostess Club. The world of ‘Necessary Business Expenses’.

“I’m suspicious of programe notes notes. If any aspect of a show needs explaining or decoding or defending in the print, then there’s usually something wrong with what’s on the stage. But because some people may find this show shocking or upsetting, I’ll go on record as saying I do too. That’s the point. That too often we care so little for each other, that our own and other people’s bodies and emotions as tradable commodities, and measure what we value in life by how much it costs. Yes; there is a great deal of money to be made working in a hostess club; but you pay a high price for earning it. Yes; “Prostitution, is a way out not a way down” for some. Yes; this play is probably obscene. Not for what it talks about or how it says it; but because it holds a mirror up to the unnatural, the artificial, the clandestine and the destructive.”
Chris Bond, Director

You can access the script of this play via the British Library’s MPS Modern Playscripts Collection.

Production photos

Cast List

  • Nicola Blackman Theresa
  • Eve Bland Griselda
  • George Costigan Dapper
  • Richard Cotton George/Carl
  • Gabrielle Cowburn Nicola

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