Heart of Darkness (1979)

Alie Street
9 Feb - 3 Mar 1979
Heart of Darkness poster Heart of Darkness poster
  • by Joseph Conrad

Heart of Darkness is about a colonial white man with an equal stress on all three words.

In Heart of Darkness Conrad sets out to test one version of reality – that of the European missionary/imperialist – against another – that native to the Congo – which seems to be totally alien, indeed incomprehensible. The European version holds, although it is blind and disoriented in the African setting, and patently inadequate.

Programme and Designs

Cast List

  • Alan Butler Marlow the older, the agent
  • Eugene Lipinksi the Lawyer, the Swede, the Foreman, the Russian
  • Philip Osment Marlow the younger, the Director of Companies
  • Lizzie Queen the Accountant, the Aunt, the Manager, the Intended

Creative Team

  • Les Davidoff Director