Fishing Up the Moon (1989)

Mile End Road
1 Dec - 15 Dec 1989
Age range: 6-11
Fishing Up the Moon Poster Fishing Up the Moon Poster

The world was divided by a giant hedge. It was too thick to see through. Too tall to see over. But something happened on the other side! On one side people followed the road to work – never looking left or right. Two completely separate worlds – or were they? One might have been another land. Fishing Up the Moon followed the story of a journey from one world to the other and back again, and it was funny, moving, exciting and was full of spectacle and surprises. It explored themes such as relationships between friends, between children and adults and us and the planet.

You can access the script of this play via the British Library’s MPS Modern Playscripts Collection.

Production photos

Cast List

Creative Team

  • Deborah Bestwick Director
  • Sylvia Hallet Composer & Musical Director
  • Kate Owen Designer
  • Marion Duffin Costumes
  • Shona Morris Movement


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