Fairytales Gone Bad: Grannylocks / The Monstrous Duckling (2016-Present)

White Horse Road
9 Jan 2016 -
Age range: 3+

Performance poet Joseph Coelho, winner of the 2015 Centre for Literacy in Primary Poetry Award, unravels familiar fairytales to create fresh contemporary classics in an enchanting performance for young and old alike.

A father returns home with a magical cloak. A cloak that hides a story…

Did you know that the ugly duckling was never ugly? He was truly monstrous! Or that Goldilocks was never a tale about a little girl. It was always a tale about a granny – a mean, thieving granny who has plans for something quite nasty.

Our poetic storyteller unwinds the true stories behind the happily ever afters and discover they’re maybe not as charming as you remember!

A Joseph Coelho production touring nationally with Half Moon presents.

Production Shots

Cast List

Creative Team

  • Sara Lowes Designer
  • Jonathan Lambert Sound Designer
  • Chris Elwell Creative Consultant
  • Fred Beaufort Lighting Designer and Production Manager

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