Destiny (1985)

Mile End Road
11 Jul - 10 Aug 1985
Destiny Poster Destiny Poster
  • by David Edgar

Against the the panorama of 30 years – from Indian on the eve of independence in 1947 to a savage West Midlands by-election in 1976 – Edgar traces the complicated strands of political power-broking, betrayal and compromise in a brilliant account of the rise of the far right in Britain.

David Edgar’s award winning play was first produced by the RSC in 1976/1977, it chronicled not only when but where, how and why the English began to hate.

Production Photos

Cast List

  • Tariq Alibai Prakash Patel
  • Sally Armstrong Liz/Carol/Diana Wilcox/ Partygoer
  • Helen Awan Savita Clifton
  • Edward Clayton Turner
  • Chris Darwin Bob Clifton/ ex-serviceman

Creative Team

  • Chris Bond Director
  • Tessa Panter Assistant Director
  • Ellen Cairns Designer
  • Rose Chandler Costumes
  • Jimmy Simmons Lighting Designer


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