The Deep Secret (1983)

Mile End Road
25 Jul - 19 Aug 1983
Age range: 7-14
Deep Secret, The. Flyer (Front) Deep Secret, The. Flyer (Front)

There’s something strange and spooky in deepest, darkest Docklands! Come over and join them in their action-packed adventure and mysterious mission on the desolate wasteland of the old rope-works. What is buried beneath this debris-littered earth? Why is the Ministry of Defence so interested?

The Deep Secret was a site-specific interactive experience for young audiences, devised especially for playgroups which lasted around 90 minutes. Children visited a site on the Isle of Dogs, arriving by bus, and were told by their teachers and group leaders that they were going on an archaeological dig.  On the journey they were given a digging project and following their digging up of old coke cans and discarded crisp packets, they found something very mysterious under the ground, leading them to a host of new discoveries.

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Jacquetta May is an actor who performed with Half Moon Theatre’s young people’s company in the mid-1980s. She talks about performing The Deep Secret in the open air on the Isle of Dogs. Interviewed by Toni Tsaera.

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