Cued Up (2003)

White Horse Road
11 Feb - 12 Apr 2003
Age range: 13+
Cued Up Flyer (Front) Cued Up Flyer (Front)
  • by Paul Ashton

Stuck in the belly of the East End, D is ready to escape and music is his way out: his private place, where recognition, and maybe where a little fame and might come his way one day.  He just wants to get away from the pressure of always being told what to do, from the adults who think they know best and from Nina, a girl he knows, but who doesn’t really know him at all. Then a near beating and a chance encounter lead to an unlikely new friend, discovery of a new music genre…. and a whole new world begins to open up.

Fusions of garage, hip-hop and jazz, from LOST DJ Steve Bicknell, created the soundtrack to D’s story, in a moving play that takes as its theme, a re-examination of how an older generation can be a place of learning, nurture and understanding.

This production toured nationally and was aimed at teenage audiences.

You can access the script of this play via the British Library’s MPS Modern Playscripts Collection.

Production photos

Cast List

  • Nick Oshikanlu D
  • Jim Barclay Joe
  • Bita Taghavi Nina

Creative Team


Chris Elwell has been the Director of Half Moon Theatre on White Horse Road since 1997. He talks about the company’s work for teenage audiences and the importance of involving them at the heart of the development process. He discusses Yeah Whatever!, Caravan, Cued Up, Cutter and Locked In. Interviewed by Kavana Joyett.

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