Broken Angel (1997)

White Horse Road
1 Oct - 22 Nov 1997
Age range: 9-12
Broken Angel Flyer Image (1) Broken Angel Flyer Image (1)

Col is ten years old. Her best friend Di is eleven. Col knows there is something wrong with her Dad but she can’t persuade him to go to the hospital – her Dad is an alcoholic. Di’s cat Arnie is dead. She wishes she had never moved house. Col and Di wish for things to be different. They wish to be grown up and for all the things they hate to stop happening. Twenty years later there wish comes true, but are they any happier?

First produced by Nottingham Roundabout TIE, the production was a powerful account of the effects of substance abuse by parents – in this case, alcohol – and the impact this has upon young people as they grow-up in forming relationships with family and friends.

This sensitive portrayal of a family in crisis toured schools across London.


Production photos

Cast List

  • Luna Rahman Colette
  • Claire Saddleton Di
  • Gary Robson Dad

Creative Team

  • Tony McBride Director
  • Carla Eve Arnie Designer



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