Alfredo Galvez – 12 Shifts of Gear (1978)

Alie Street
6 Jul - 6 Sep 1978
Alfredo Galvez - 12 Shifts of Gear production flyer
  • by Juan Vera

Juan Vera created theatre with peasants and farm workers on an agricultural commune after Allende came to power in Chile. Now in exile, Juan has written an extraordinary and powerful document about one man’s struggle to face new forms of collective organisation.

Alfredo Galvez has spent a lifetime working as a mechanic for a boss and is bewildered when he finds himself accountable to committees of fellow workers.

This epic play is about change and revolution.

“To show a man, for the peasant theatre, is to show the human behaviours within a collective life, and this life is making change to each man, each work, each home, each love.”
Juan Vera

Alfredo Galvez – 12 Shifts of Gear was about the ideological emergence of a downtrodden, exploited Chilean Community. The play was very community based and was written whilst the author, Juan Vera, was working with a peasant drama group in Chile.


Cast List

  • Barrie Houghton Alfredo Galvez, motor mechanic
  • Maggie Jordan Acacia Colmenar, his wife
  • Russell Denton Juan Carlo, their son
  • Howard Lew Lewis Tulio Cuveas, farmworker and friend to Alfredo
  • Eve Bland Recloma Colmenar, Acacia's sister

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