John Turner

Artistic Director
1989 - 1990
John Turner

John Turner
Artistic Director, 1989 – 1990

John became Artistic Director of Half Moon Theatre in 1989 and during his brief tenure he oversaw a co-production of Blood Wedding with Asian Co-operative Theatre, he commissioned and performed in the Christmas show, Circus Moon and brought Alec McGowan’s Solo Performance of St Mark’s Gospel to the theatre.

John is a prolific writer and director with a long association with the wider local community around Deptford and in particular at The Albany Empire, which he helped set up and became the company’s Artistic Director. His work included All Who Sail In Her, Beggars Can’t Be Choosers, Heroes, Labelled With Love, Race with the Devil Blood Sugar and Deptford Stories.

Sadly, John died in 2021. Read a biography in The Guardian.

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Interview with John Turner

John Turner was Artistic Director of Half Moon Theatre on Mile End Road from 1989 to 1990. He talks about the shows during his tenure and the reasons behind the regrettable demise of the company. Interviewed by Rosie Vincent.

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