Thank you

This project wouldn’t have been possible without the generosity of all the oral history interviewees who shared their memories with us. Take a look at the list of everyone who has shared their memories, with links to the videos created of the interviews. The whole project was led by our young people, including current and former members of our Lunar Youth Theatre and local university students, who learnt oral history interview techniques and conducted all the interviews.

Our Young Interviewers: Alexia-Pyrrha, Caitlin Ralph,
Cara Smith, Daisy Snooks, Georgina Da Silva, Isabel R,
Khalilah Lubega, Kavana Joyett, Keira Blasse, Lasairiona
O’Baroid, Luca Verracarroll, Rio Puffett, Rosie Vincent and Toni Tsaera

We also benefitted from the generous support and hard work of many people and organisations.

Thanks to all the photographers who have given permission to use their photos, with a particular thanks to Sarah Ainslie for running a photography workshop with our young researchers.